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Making Your Own Wall Mounted Pachinko Cabinet

Items you will need besides wood:

  • Drill & 1/8 & 1/16 inch drill bits
  • a dozen 1 1/4 inch wood screws size 8
  • two small L-brackets 2inch (they usually come with mounting screws)
  • two Large 4 inch heavy duty L-brackets (not corner brackets ask someone if your not sure)
  • package of 1 1/4 inch wood screws size 10
  • an electric screw driver or tip for drill. Head type matching screws you bought earlier.

    Buy yourself two 8-10 foot pieces of 1X9 pine or oak or whatever you want. measure the Pachinko to be mounted. Measure twice cut once! The old machines especially require measurement as wood varies. Cut two pieces for the top and bottom the exact width of the machine adding 1/16 inch for clearance. Cut two pieces the exact measurement of the height of your machine plus 1 1/2 inches to accomodate the the other two pieces thickness.

    lay bottom flat on a flat work table and mount sides like this -> |_| >drill 1/16 inch pilot holes about an inch in from each edge through the side and hopefully near center of the bottom. Screw two #8 screws into the side securing the base to the side. Now repeat for the other side. Carefully tip assembly over and do the same for the other top or bottom. you can use glue if you like (I didn't) you can sand and stain the unit at this time if you like or want to.

    Hang the unit on the wall, find wall the wall studs using a stud finder and mark their location in pencil. place a level on the top to ensure cabinet is level from left to right before installing small L-brackets under top. Mount large L-brackets in bottom of case and screw into wall studs. open the pachinko machine using the large latch, its hinged to the outer frame. Have a friend hold it as you work the frame flush into your cabinet. The pachinko will stick out the thickness of front. Be Carefull if you try to mount it completely flush you may have corner protectors etc that will jam and prevent you from opening it. I strongly suggest the rear frame is mounted flush with the front of the cabinet. Some of the newer machines Like my train can be flush mounted and work well that way cause they are NEW!

    screw two 1 1/4 inch size 8 screws through the inside of pachinko into your cabinet (predrill its easier) one at the top and then one at the bottom, ensure the cabinet is level before each screw is tightened.

    WARNING Don't close the machine until you either remove the lock and tie a cord to the release mechanism! or drilled a hole through the top or bottom and tied a cord to the latch and tested to make sure it operates.


    More neat Pachinko Tips to come!

    COMING SOON! Watch for How to get your lights to work the easy way one quick trip to radio shack is all it takes!

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